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    Premiere Elements 8 Keeps Crashing


      I'm creating a 3 - 5 minute video in Premiere Elements 8.0, which I purchased online from the Adobe store. The specs for the video and computer are as follows:


      The camcorder I used to shoot the footage is a Sony Handycam with model number HDR-SR12. It's a  digital HD video camera recorder that shoots in NTSC 1920x1080i HD  recording. The footage was shot with AVC HD  9M (HQ), which records in higher image quality mode. The  video camera is connected to my computer through a USB cable.


      The computer  itself is a Windows 7 desktop computer. The CPU is an HP Pavilion Elite  HPE-150f PC with Intel Core i7-860 processor. I imported the video into  Premiere by selecting "File" --> "Get Media From" and then choosing the third  option from the top.


      My import option is NTSC/AVCHD/Full HD 1080i 30 5.1 channel, which matches the specs of the camera I shot the footage with.


      The video itself consists of an introduction, two voice-overs in a row, and a conclusion. They are seperated by the "fade to white" video transition. I was working on the video in order from the beginning. Once I had trimmed each part of the video, I deleted parts of the audio where I was intending to add my voice-overs in. While working on the project, I never rendered the video by pressing "Enter."


      Up to this point, everything was working fine. I added the voice-over by adding the video clip with the voice-over, and unlinked the audio and video. Then I deleted the video, since that was not needed. I placed the audio into the narration part of the timeline (but all other audio components thusfar are in the audio section). This is the point where the computer first crashed.


      I was able to recover my work and continue onwards. I successfully added both voice-overs to the video. Then I added in a music file to the bottom most part of the timeline. This is where the program crashed again. Now, whenever I open that particular video project file, it always crashes when I drag the cursor over the timeline. I tried rendering the video itself by pressing "enter," and while it rendered fine without crashing, the program still crashed when I touched the timeline. I also removed the music file from the video project, but it still keeps crashing.


      Clearing up space via Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter did not solve this problem. My C drive still has several hundred gigabytes of memory left, and my D drive, which is occupied only by Recovery, only has about 1.64 GB left on it.


      The odd thing is that the problem is isolated to that single video project. I opened up one of my older projects, a 9 minute practise video with audio and music components, but no narration components. I fiddled around with that, and the program never crashed. I also opened up a new project, and put in the introduction and two voice-overs from the video project I was working on, and the program did not crash at all.


      I want to know why the program crashed in the first place, and why it kept crashing on that one video project, and not on others. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          nealeh Level 5

          Open the project then, in timeline view, press the backslash [\] key. This will size the timeline so that the whole project is displayed. Look for any gaps - these have been known to cause problems.


          If you need to zoom in try using the keyboard rather than the mouse ([-] [=] keys).


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum, and thank you for the details provided.


            Here are a couple of thoughts:


            1.) if you have not updated to PrE 8.0.1, do so

            2.) if you have not updated your video driver from the mfgr's Web site, get the very latest (but do keep you older one as a backup, in case you have to roll-back)

            3.) update your audio driver in the same fashion

            4.) update Apple's QuickTime

            5.) take a look at this ARTICLE on getting your computer set up for an editing session. With Win7, look down near the bottom of the thread for some tips from Black Viper on Win7 optimization.

            6.) if crashes still happen, then this ARTICLE might be useful at finding clues as to what is happening just before and during the crashes.


            Good luck,



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              staring-into-space Level 1

              Thanks for the responses, however, the program is still crashing with that one video project, even with the 8.0.1 update. I've already recreated my video project with Premiere Elements with a new project, which hasn't crashing on me. In the future, I plan to get some other video editing software as backup, so I don't get set back as much should this happen again.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If I understand correctly, you are trying to edit AVCHD with only one hard drive... not going to work


                Video editing requires a minimum of TWO hard drives... boot drive for Windows and all software, separate PHYSICAL drive (not a partition) for data and temporary files... a 3rd drive for temp files is often used


                With only one drive your computer is constantly trying to read software instructions at the same time as video data is flowing... not going to work

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                  staring-into-space Level 1

                  Thanks for the response. What do you mean by a physical non-partition hard drive? Please clarify.

                  Again, I'm using a 1TB hard drive with system memory being stated as 8GB DDR3.

                  Would purchasing a 1TB external hard drive, and hooking it up to the computer, solve this problem?

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >physical non-partition hard drive?


                    I don't know any other way to say it... a physical drive is one you can hold in your hand... a partition is like a house with many rooms


                    An external eSATA drive should work, or Firewire if it is FW800 (from what I've read here) but an external USB drive will NOT work


                    Even back when I had a computer to edit only SD I had 2 hard drives... OS/software on one, video files on the other


                    Actually (go look) I think the system requirements page @Adobe states two 7200rpm drives

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                      staring-into-space Level 1

                      To clarify, you're saying that the second hard drive is where I should store my Premiere Elements files, and their final, rendered copies? In other words, the main hard drive doesn't have any video project files? So, I'm just keeping my main computer hard drive "blank" - no files on it whatsoever.


                      Also, please advise which brand and model of eSata drives and firewire hard drives you use and recommend. I really need this video project to be done soon, and would like to solve this problem by doing the right things like what you do. Thanks!

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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I do not use external drives for work, only USB drives for (very SLOW) copies of files for long term storage


                        Hopefully, someone who does work with an external drive will answer

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                          staring-into-space Level 1

                          Thanks, but I think I'll post up a new question related to this to generate more responses (since this question was already labelled as 'answered' a while now).