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    Laptop for CS4 non HD editing

    scottymo15 Level 1

      Ok....I know there have been several conversations about what laptop to get if you are wanting to video edit with CS4.  I have read many of them and would like a few more suggestions.


      I just built a new desktop, and that is going to be my primary work station.  I am a 6th grade teacher and most of my work is done for my school.  I have time during the day in which I can edit......but I don't have a computer here that can handle CS4.


      I was wanting to get a laptop so that I can edit some videos at school.


      I looked at the Sager website and I looked at this link to ASUS  http://www.powernotebooks.com/ASUS-G73JH-gaming-laptops-notebooks-sys-3114.html



      I am not going to do any HD editing and was wondering if you guys thought i could get away with getting a decent laptop for 1500 dollars.  My wife wants me to get a mac book pro or imac that I can just move to school when I need....but I wasn't wanting to go that route.


      What do you guys think?


      My other question is this.......will I be able to start a project on the laptop and then transport it over to my more powerful desktop to edit things?  Can this be done via an external hard drive?


      Looking forward to hearing your answers.


      Thanks a ton!



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Look like a perfectly good laptop for your purposes, and it can even be quite acceptabe for HDV. Seems like a good buy:


          Nice specs

          Fits in your budget

          Sager is very good

          Nice display.


          IMO you can't go wrong with this one.

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            Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

            Two Sagers here...Go Sager!!

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              joe bloe premiere Level 5

              Three Sagers here... perfect for SD!


              (If you don't mind lifting and carrying them),

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                scottymo15 Level 1

                thanks so much guys....I won't be buying the laptop for awhile, so the price on these current models could go down a bit which would be nice.




                Looks like you guys said to go with the Sager over the Asus model........although the Asus specs looked pretty good and for a better price.


                I have a few more questions.  I went to Sager's site and started customizing a laptop......here is the link.




                it's 230 bucks to upgrade to 8 GB ram


                the primary HD is 500 gig 7200rpm


                for an extra 100 bucks i can get another hard drive


                then for 275 i could get a blu ray burner


                so that puts it a little over $2100



                The Asus    http://www.powernotebooks.com/configure.php?special=694


                IT has all this stuff standard I believe for 1500 bucks and Esata II hard drives.  I can add a 3rd hard drive for 95 dollars.  It doesn't have a blu ray burner, but I don't need one.


                Is Sager that much better than Asus??


                And the main question that didn't get answered was........Will i be able to work on stuff on my laptop then move the project over to my desktop?


                Thanks a ton for your help!  I plan on making the purchase mid summer....and who knows....maybe prices will drop a bit.  :]



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                  joe bloe premiere Level 5

                  I use my CLEVO/SAGER machines all the time for remote editing w/clients,

                  and transfer the projects to desktop system for completion... works great.


                  With CS5 there is no external monitoring capability of CUDA/MPE sequences

                  via firewire, so that is something to consider if you work with clients in the room,

                  or if you need to output your project to DV tape (without disabling the hallmark

                  feature of the new release and re-rendering the timeline before output).


                  I have no experience with Asus mobiles, but my CLEVO/SAGER machines have

                  served me well with no serious trouble... except the combined weight of the

                  systems plus power supplies.


                  I would max out RAM, 7200rpm HD's and get the Blu-Ray... you might need it later.

                  If it offers the internal TV tuner as an option, I would skip it.