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    Flash CS4 - putting swf in Dreamweaver, only plays frame 1



      I have such a strange issue and I cannot figure it out for the life of me. Here is my website page that I am having trouble with http://designcraftadvertising.com/QON/qfile_findingtime.html.


      I have 2 videos at the top of my page and you can click on the play button all that you want but the play button will not budge beyond frame 1. If you right click on the movie and hit play, the movie will go to the second frame. When I view these 2 swf files in Flash, they work like a charm. I am using AS2 and my code is this.


      I have two frames both with a stop(); action on them. This is the actions layer.


      Next layer has the button on frame one and the action on the button is:

      on (release) {




      That is all. The movie plays fine in Flash and when I bring it into DW and push the play button, nothing happens. Any suggestions? It seems like the answers would be so simple and I just know that it is. Please help me if you can. Thanks!