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    Need advice on simple Proof of Concept


      Simple - famous last words..


      A co-worker is using Dreamweaver to develop websites, its version 8.0.2


      She would like to enter text into a form, and have that form emailed to a specific user.

      She cannot use the local mail client, but can use the hosting server to send the mail.


      As the server admin, what do I need to install on the server 2003 to support this function, will straight IIS installation support this?


      What does she need to do in order to get this to work in her code?


      Im a expression/frontpage guy and we just dropped the form, filled out the backend boxes and it worked on IIS with frontpage, with Dreamweaver I dont know the protocol to get it working for her.


      Any advice?




      I read a number of sites saying use PHP, ASP or this or that to do it, but dont address what should be on the server side for most build -in functionality to work for dreamweaver 8.  If there is a config doc for the server please reference it and Ill go read up on it.  Im looking for step by step what to install on the 2003 server, add-ons and where to put her code.  In this case we are both inexperienced in this part of the process, but I know Dreamweaver can do it.

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Honestly if this is all within the company I would recommend against Dreamweaver.  While I primarily code in PHP I have started to use Sharepoint services more and more.  The Sharepoint services will allow you to setup interoffice communication much easier than developing in Dreamweaver would.


          As far as what to install, if you have IIS you should already support ASP and .NET which version only you know.  Dreamweaver can program in ASP by hand, but support was dropped as of CS4 (v10) because Microsoft was releasing the code to Adobe after they the market so Adobe stopped playing catchup and focused primarily on PHP.  I installed a copy of PHP on an IIS 6.0 box awhile back although now everything has moved to IIS7.  Typically for PHP setup you could follow these instructions ( http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/247/using-fastcgi-to-host-php-applications-on-iis-60/ ).  Fairly straightforward for IIS 6.  The FastCGI method tends to perform better.


          If you want to quantify what can do more, PHP does more with Apache then it does with IIS and on the other end of the spectrum ASP and .NET only really work on the IIS platform so they are able to take full advantage of the system.

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            bregent Most Valuable Participant

            If you are using ASP then you would use cdosys, which is already installed with IIS.