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    database variables

      I need help with some code. I need to pull a number from a survey result stored in a SQL database then build a bar chart (thermometer) to visually show the results.
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          What access do you have to the SQL database? What query do you need to use to retrieve the result?

          Have you looked at the Imaging Lingo commands for creating a bitmap image on the fly?
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            Applied CD Level 1
            If your data source is local you may want to look into xtras that allow Director to link to ODBC data sources. (I did a quick search and found this: http://xtras.calu.us/xtrasDL.php)

            If your data source is remote (web based) I’ve written shockwave safe scripts that allow Director to issue SQL through a helper ASP script on the server and get the record set back as a nested list. It uses RC4 encryption to protect your data source and the returning record set. You don’t need to know ASP to use the scripts* but you would need to be very comfortable with list processing and writing asynchronous code in net lingo.

            * you would need to know the connection string for the data source and modify the ASP script accordingly.
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              tconnell01 Level 1
              Thank you. I am evaluating DataLinker.