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    Live Trace issues.

    woodwizer Level 1

      Hi all


      I am evaluating both Illustrator and CorelDraw at the moment.  I need some vector software to help me create signs for a new business.  To help me quickly get up to speed, I have invested in tutorial DVD's for both applications.  However, the one task I desperately need to do, I can't get either app to do well.


      What I need is to trace this image:




      Live trace does it very well on the default settings.  But it doesn't do what I want.  For my purposes, I need the vector lines to trace the lines in the centre.  i.e each thick line you see above will be a single vector line, not a bunch of objects.


      Does that make sense?


      I'm sorry if this is a very basic question.  It is the deciding factor between this an corel for me.  Corel actually does it, but I prefer Illustrators tools for manipulating the vector further.  I know I could just manually trace each line.  But I have 109 of these files to edit and it would be nice to have some autonomy.


      Thanks in advance.