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    Reader 9.3 MUI ACW-built package causes client to stop receiving add'l advertisements

    csbs computing

      Send out an Adobe Reader 9.3 Advertisement via Microsoft's SCCM - And after it successfully installed, no successive advertisements will ever be received by that client.
      I posted some details of this case in the Native Mode forum, but I've since narrowed the cause down to the successful advertisement and installation of Adobe Reader 9.3.
      Without going into details yet, which I will include below, I set up an unattended package/program of AR 9.3.0 and pushed it to a number of test clients.  Thereafter, Reader worked fine. I concluded that program was a success.  I went to test two other package/programs, both of which were quite simple.  They were 7zip and Paint.NET applications, and both were using simple msi installations.  Both were never documented as being assigned in the client's execmgr.log  Likewise, we did find an error in the PolicyAgent.log of the client, once we assigned an advertisement to that client after the installation of Adobe Reader.
      Signature verification failed for PolicyAssignmentID {6f94f2c5-4c5c-4ddd-a2ea-87b8772085c4}.    PolicyAgent_ReplyAssignments    5/5/2010 11:46:58 PM    1824 (0x0720)
      We are having a helluva time trying to figure out what it is about the Adobe Reader 9.3 installation that would cause a certificate/signature snafu for all subsequent SCCM packages.  We've already set the installation options to near-default and the changes we did make are innocuous in my view.
      I tested a "consumer" installation of Adobe Reader 9.3, and then successfully pushed Office 2007 via a known-good package/program and it did succeed.  Apparently the issue is either with the method of deploying AR, (via SCCM) or the configuration differences between the consumer version and the package I created, however subtle they may be.
      -----How I made my Adobe Reader 9.3.0 Package/Program using Adobe Customization Wizard 9-----
      In my case I'm using Adobe Reader 9.3.0 MUI that calls a transform created by the Adobe Customization Wizard 9.  To troubleshoot this issue, I make precisely 3 changes to the default transform, using ACW9.  Functionally, the result should approximate your command line; though I don't know what your MST may have within it.  It appears to be irrelevant.  The changes I have made to mine from the default are:
      1) remove AIR share desktop shortcut and AIR share program menu shortcut, using this reference: http://www.appdeploy.com/messageboards/tm.asp?m=46707
      2) Under Registry in ACW9: fix the browser plugin issue, adding quotes around a registry entry in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Software\Adobe\Acrobat\Exe  (the default was [AS_HKCR_EXE] now "[AS_HKCR_EXE]" )  This fix was not implemented during the first test deployment, which also broke future advertisements to the target clients.
      3) Under Installation Options in ACW9 selected "Run Installation: Silently" for obvious reasons.