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    pop up menu links


      Hi thanks for reading this can anybody tell me where I'm going wrong in dreamerweaver mx 2004 I have a list of buttons on the left side of the home page and have linked a pop up menu to each button to take me to another page. the problem occurs when I preview the site in explorer (f12 ) all looks ok when I click on the pop up menu it opens the relevant page but with a new tab but when I click the home button to take me back to the home page it goes back to the home page but on the page its just opened so I still have two tabs open it doesn't close one if I click other links on the pop up menu I can have loads of tabs open. any feedback would be brill. Ps i started to build the site then i had to move it to my other hardrive whlist i formmated this one because of a virus then i put it back again on c drive and carried on building could this have anything to do with it cheers.

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          jxlusa Level 2

          You have not provided any way to look at your code and it is very difficult to read you post without much punctuation and no line breaks but as far as ican tell what youare asking is why do links open in new tabs instead of in the same tab or window when you click on them is that correct? See what I mean, kind of difficult to read isn't it?


          If I understood you correctly, you probably have a target specified in the link tag. Just remove it.


          That is, change:

          <a href="YourLinkedPage.html" tareget="_blank">


          <a href="YourLinkedPage.html">

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            montypsx Level 1

            Thanks for the info sorry for punctuation as I'm dyslexic so if spell

            checker says is ok than that’s ok with me. Will try and remove the thread as

            not to embarrassing to anybody else. cheers

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              jxlusa Level 2

              Not to worry. Please leave the thread. Someone else may have the same tthe same question.


              You have a good reason for not formatting your text.