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    Setting up Simple Flash mp3 Player

    revdave Level 1

      I have a page with some links to mp3 songs.


      I would like to set things up so that when user clicks a mp3 link, a small flash mp3 player (embedded in the page) starts playing with that songs. The user could click on another song that would replace the last one at any time and have basic controls.


      - flash mp3 player - need 1 that has start / stop and volume buttons (simple)


      BTW: I set this type of thing up in the past with a frameset - top had quicktime player embedded - and bottom song links went to top frame - all was fine but kind of bulky.... looking for something a bit slicker...


      Also would like to do the same for flash / quicktime videos


      Also if there's something free or close to free that is a jukebox type where the song list is part of flash - that might be fun too....


      Thanks in advance - dave