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    Find number in string

    Tony Heagren

      Hi all,


      I am using flashvars to import a whole load of data via php - and it works fine


      Only one issue - one array that I'm using lists the dir paths to images and each element looks like this:


      (I use these dir paths to display images).


      Now I want to use just the "3" from that string (element) for another purpose (to identify the person who uploaded the picture).


      How can I pull out the "3" as a variable "MemNum"  (remembering that it could be up to a five or six digit number so everything after

      the first slash and before the second one) or just strip everything else out of the string to leave only the member number for use as a variable?


      All and any help much appreciated.


      Best wishes




      PS - does anyone know of a forum that deals with the issues thrown up by using Flash and php together ?