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    Printing example from Dev Guide broken?

    Handycam Level 1
      I'm trying to scale my printed output to fill only one page instead of going across multiple pages. I looked in the Flex2 Developer's Guide and see:


      Scaling a print job: The scaleType parameter of the addObject() method determines how to scale the output.
      Use the following FlexPrintJobScaleType class constants to specify the scaling method: FILL_PAGE Scales the object to fill at least one page completely; that is, it selects the larger of the MATCH_WIDTH or MATCH_HEIGHT scale types.

      OK, great, exactly what I want. The code example is:
      // Add the object to print. Do not scale it.
      printJob.addObject(myDataGrid, FlexPrintJobScaleType.NONE);

      Try that. The compile fails Error: Access of undefined property FlexPrintJobScaleType.

      So what's going on here?

      I've got a VBox with a datagrid and 8 text objects that I'd like to scale to fit a single output page. Any ideas?