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    Product detail displays in local server but not on remote

    cheftimo Level 2

      If you look at this, http://www.webgourmand.com/wg/Tinder/Tinderbox.html, when you click a thumbnail in the tile list, a detail view of each product is supposed to appear to the left of the tile list. This works fine in my local server, but not in the remote site I am pointing you to.


      The images come from another domain, but I know that is not the problem, because if it were, the thumbnail images would not show up - it’s the same image URL for the thumbnails and the product detail view.


      The Spark components are not the problem either – in the second tab, “Products – MX”, the tile list and the item renderer are both MX components.


      This is a FB 4 ColdFusion project; I have checked all my CFC paths and everything else I could think of, but can’t figure this out. I have other similar projects on that server and they work fine.


      So I am completely stumped by this and would love to hear any ideas.


      If you notice another problem – wrong labels in the thumbnails after making a selection in the ComboBox, that is being dealt with in this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/643462?tstart=0.