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    Help with site - upload error with DW4




      I was able to download and edit the template just fine - it resides in a folder called template_02 on my desktop.  It looks fine on my computer but when I upload it using DW it has no pictures, no styling, no spryassets at all.  I'm uploading to Godaddy.com. 


      I renamed and moved the template_02.html file to the root directory (renamed it index.html) on the godaddy site.  Moved the stylesheet.css to the root directory as well on the godaddy site.  Despite all that still having problems.


      Thanks for the help in advance.

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          370H55V Level 4

          Link rels and image sourcing is likely "out of whacK' with the move of the index file.


          That's why it's always best to build the site (and all pages in the site) in a root folder exactly where it will reside when you're finished.


          Curious though that it works locally but not online.


          That sounds like you have some dependent files that you didn't put to the server.