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    Premiere Pro CS5 - Can't get video output to external monitor

    FamilyLegacyVideo Level 1

      I just made the quantuum leap from Premiere Pro 1.5 to CS5. Prior to today I've been able to see real-time playback through the FireWire connection between my computer and my DSR-11 deck. I have the video outputs of the DSR-11 going to both a 4:3 and a 16:9 monitor. In the old version of Premiere, all I had to do was go to "Project Settings" and select "Playback on DV Hardware & Desktop" and I'd see playback. I haven't found that option in CS5. I'm assuming this means I'm going to have to move up my purchase of a Matrox MX02 mini so I can monitor playback on my video monitor - but I'm wondering why my old video monitoring method won't work in CS5. Any tips/info are appreciated. Thanks!