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    Captivate 4, XP and a .Net app

    Philip Roy

      Hi all,


      We have a student management system app that someone wants to build some training modules for and I encouraged them to get Captivate 4. On my Mac, running Windows 7 under Bootcamp and on a PC users machine running Windows 7, the SMS app and Captivate 4 work perfectly...capturing every click etc.


      However for the people in another part of our University that I encouraged to get Captivate 4, the SMS .Net app isn't having any interactions recorded by Captivate 4 running under XP.


      This seems to be a Windows XP issue, but I can't figure out what to do. I should point out that I am a Mac user, so my understanding of .Net isn't that great. We have now tried on 3 different PCs running XP and the same thing happens....it won't work.


      Is it a .Net app issue? Is it just our .Net student management system app? Is there anything we can do?


      I don't think we can ask them to upgrade to Windows 7.


      I can only wonder if this might be resolved with Captivate 5 ??






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