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    Extension Builder 1.0.1 Posted

    James Boag Adobe Employee

      Hi all,


      We've just released a new build of ExtensionBuilder, 1.0.1, to the Eclipse update site at http://cssdk.host.adobe.com/cssdk/update/


      If you've already installed Extension Builder, you can get this by selecting Help > Check for Updates and following the prompts. If you do not yet have Extension Builder installed, we will be posting an updated zip version to Partner Portal shortly.


      The main enhancements of this release are:


      Creative Suite Host Adapter (CSHA) libraries are now available from the properties panel: These add support for events from AS in InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator and Photoshop (for the latter two with a native plug-in).

      Localisation supported within the Bundle Manifest Editor: Using a % prefix. More information on this will follow shortly.
      SWFs link types supported in the Bundle Manifest Editor: You can now link to a specific MXML application, in the same project or another one (where previously we required the full path).


      Happy coding!



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          Harbs. Level 6

          Just for those of us who are not so familiar with Eclipse and the updates are not enabled by default; here's how to install the update:


          1) Open Eclipse (Flash Builder) preferences.

          2) Under Install/Update, select Available Software Site.

          3) In the list, there should be an entry for update site pointing to: http://cssdk.host.adobe.com/cssdk/update if it's not there create it.

          4) make sure the update site is enabled.

          5) If the update does not start automatically, you go to Help > Software Updates...