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    Why is this table broken?

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      I've spent an hour trying everything I know and don't see what I'm missing....seems like all the tags are closed properly...I don't understand colspan's I guess...Here's a screencap of the sliced psd:  http://sunsetlogisticsinc.com/brokentable-slices.jpg


      I've been trying to insert just the blank content area html code - ie the pieces between the top & bottom nav - from this sliced psd into a copy of a working page. The other pages are sliced a little differently just in this content area. It's so close - I dont' want to start all over...




      This layout has an expansion-row in it, which works fine on the other pages.

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          You are using HTML markup for a XHTML document.  For instance img tags in html end with > and in XHTML end with /> so because of this the browser thinks you don't have the tags closed properly.  Typically most will argue here, and I will agree that when you export slices from Photoshop, stop there.  Don't export HTML.  Take the slices and build the HTML in DW.  You can see the errors running your page through the validator:



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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Graphics apps produce rigid, highly fragile table code that is nearly impossible to work with later. In the longrun, you would be better off rebuilding your layout in DW using CSS instead of Tables.


            Taking  a Fireworks (or Photoshop) comp to a CSS based layout in DW


            Part 1 --


            Part 2 --



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              onefiftymph Level 1

              Thanks SnakEyez & Nancy.


              I rebuilt it in DW again and then again. I can't understand why DW won't close up the horz. space in the header.



              Can you take a look?:




              The problem happens combining/splitting cells and inserting images into them. Instead of just snapping snugly around the image, sometimes DW tables zoom horizontally off the page.  It's a been a frustrating DW WYSIWYG issue since the beginning - it just doesn't do what a normal non-techie would expect. This has alway confounded me and I've spent countless hours trying to work around DW's limitations. This page in DW looks way wrong - the table all expanded horz.. - but in the browser, only the header is slightly off.


              ps- I'm trying to learn css — w3 schools, lynda.com tutes—it's not coming easily, so much to relearn and remember. I'm only a parttime web designer now.

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                jxlusa Level 2

                Your table column spans and widths are not correct. This mainly has to do with using a single table for several different sections of the page. Nothing wrong with that, but it is hard to keep track of what is what.




                For the short term:

                Make the header a seperate table from the rest of the page.


                For the longer term:

                since you have not spent too much time in learning to use tables for layout, give up on that approach and start learning to use CSS and Div tags for layout. Then, once you have a good handle on that approach, you can combine the two methods where appropriate.

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                  onefiftymph Level 1

                  jxlusa - Thanks for taking the time to try to help.


                  jxlusa wrote:


                  Your table column spans and widths are not correct.

                  How do you figure? I don't follow...



                  I don't see where you get this:

                  jxlusa wrote:


                  since you have not spent too much time in learning to use tables for layout

                  Is 10 years (PT, off and on) making sites with tables enough?


                  1 table works fine, as you could see by any of the other pages at the domain http://sunsetlogisticsinc.com

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                    hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Hi onefiftymph,


                    I'm sorry, but jxlusa is right: there are some inconsistencies in your website with your tables and their arrangements. In order to illustrate jxlusa's hints I tinkered at a website (http://www.goldschmiede-blumberg.de/AdobTest/sunset/terms2B.html), where you could probe some of the causes.


                    Good luck, maybe my suggestion will help you a little bit in order to get on to the track.Hans-G.

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                      jxlusa Level 2

                      Of course you are right, one table will work fine. I was sugesting splitting it up only to make it more manageable for you. If you take only the header row into a table by itself, you will see that it works fine.


                      No insult was intended. I got the "not too much time" idea directly from the errors in your table. My applogies. I had only the one example to go by. I often make mistakes that I know better than to make myself, so I shouldn't have generalized this sample as representative of what you know.


                      Often, people get upset when you assume they know more than they do. It's difficult to strike the right tone sometimes. Now that I know you will be sensative about my comments in this way, and that you know enough to solve these problems yourself, I will try to treat you differently.

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                        onefiftymph Level 1

                        I did a workaround and fixed it - making the Client Login button the depth of the header so I didn't have to split the cell. DW's WYSIWWG interface shouldn't allow this kind of simplistic error to happen - but it is what it is.


                        jxlusa - no offense taken. It's just that I've spent untold hours agonizing over broken tables since I started using DW back in the mid-90's, (and Pagemill before that) and just when I've got a good handle on using tables and shims, CSS comes along with a much more complex and infinite variety of information to learn and everything I've learned about tables over the years is now arcane  - so that comment irked me. ;0)


                        As Murray says "Keep on learning"