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    email newsletter design to view in blackberry?


      Hi, hope someone can help.


      I have designed an email newsletter that is to be viewed in outlook 7 mainly and viewed also on blackberry’s. I have designed and created it in dreamweaver CS4 (mac) by using tables to contain the whole newsletter and nested tables for the layout to contain the top banner, and section up the design I have also used document level css to control the styles for headings and paragraphs.


      Once complete I tested this under macmail, Outlook 7 under vista, iphone, and various other operating systems running outlook by associates and it all views and works fine. Then I came to test it on the blackberry and this doesn’t view well and clients are saying they see nothing but text and links but all the images don’t show so all the design elements seems to be left out.


      Will I have to create another version for the blackberry users? I designed the newsletter at 550 pixels so it would scale down ok, although it scales fine on the iphone.


      Just to say I also created a complete css version as a test but again images don’t show. Is this a basic setup in the blackberry or due to security setting within their mail clients on the blackberry they are blocking images?


      Thanks for any help on this.