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    RoboHelp HTML + Acrolinx IQ?

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      I'd be very interested in hearing from anybody who uses Acrolinx IQ with RoboHelp projects -- or who has tried to do so. (How do you make it work? How much time does it add? Would you recommend it? Etc.)


      Apparently Acrolinx doesn't yet have a RoboHelp plug-in (though this is "on the road map"), but I could have sworn I heard somebody mention at at the recent STC conference that they used Acrolinx IQ in their RoboHelp projects.


      Thanks in advance for any advice!



      P.S. The acrolinx IQ system checks for

      •  Style (global English, simplified English, customer specific controlled language)

      •  Grammar and spelling

      •  Terminology

      •  Reuse of patterns and sentences

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          I also would be extremely interested in hearing from people who in some way use acrolinx IQ with RoboHelp HTML. I've checked w/ acrolinx recently, and they still don't offer a plug-in for RH, so if anybody out there has been successful in getting RH and acrolinx to work together, I'd really like to hear from you.