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    Compositing problem in AE CS4


      Hello Everyone,


      I'm compositing some footage shot on an old camera and I keep coming across varying exposure values in the footage, which I suspect came from the old camera. Anyways I was wondering if anyone knew of any efficient solutions in AE CS4 for dealing with this issue.


      I've already tried using the rgb levels in AE and keying the values to compensate for the changing exposure in the entire 2hr footage but that is very tedious. I tried doing the same with the exposure effect in AE and that didn't help either.


      Are there any other effective solutions in AE CS4 for dealing with this problem? Thanks.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          I'd start with the Color Stabilizer effect.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            There's a number of other plug-ins out there - Sapphire has a flicker stabilizer, then there's Red Giant's Film Fix collection and of course always GB Deflicker. Generally, though, they will not do miracles. If the exposure variations spread across too many frames, they mall fall below the thresholds and no correction be applied or you will be forced to set them so low that it averages too many frames and it all ends up looking like a dull grey mess. You could probably get some interesting results by splitting up the channels (Shift Channels + Add) and then recombining them after they have been adjusted individually, including possible color space conversions (Channel Combiner) and math operations (Arithemtic), but that really depends and may be beyond what you are welling to endure in terms of the geek factor involved. Eitehr way, it wil lstill be a lot of manual adjustments, so if you can sell the unique oddities as historic authenticity, then it is probably saving you a lot of time and budget. Film restauration can be excessively expensive (the recent restoration of "Metropolis" here in Germany cost about 30 million Euros!) and often does not necessarily improve the overall result. A bit of nostalgia is often okay...



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              G1-7 Level 1

              Thanks Todd, the Color Stabilizer effect sounds promising, I'd give it a try.


              Mylenium, thanks for the plugins you suggested. I will definitely try to get some of those too.


              Thank you both guys, I really do appreciate the help. I'll let you know how everything finally turns out.

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                G1-7 Level 1

                @ Todd and Mylenium


                I tried the color stabilizer and either I'm not using it right or it's not meant for this kind of problem. It seemed to introduce more flickering into the footage. I read extensively about the color stabilizer in the help files and I did just what was instructed in there but for some reason it did not work for me.


                I ended up using the exposure effect and keying my way through. I wanted you to know so that anyone else in a similar situation wouldn't go through the same trouble.


                I think the long and short of it all is to get a good camera in the first place and spare youself all the drama during editing .