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    DateField Shows Incorrect Date

    craigkaminsky Level 3

      I have a Flex application where my client manages their events. When they enter an event, the select a start and end date via two DateField components. The data is recorded correctly in the database (SQL Server 2005). However, when reviewing the event for editing, it always shows the date as 1 day earlier (really just a couple hours earlier).

      For example, a date in the system that shows 11/1/2007 in the database (and that's the correct date of the event) comes out in the Flex DateField (and the DataGrid listing all events) as 10/31/2007. The full date that displays in the Flex application is Wed Oct 31 22:00:00 GMT-600 2007. The date in SQL Server is 2007-11-01 00:00:00.000.

      I think this is timezone related. The server is in EST and the events are MST and the difference showing appears to be 2 hours. However, I changed the server's (Win 2K3, IIS 6) date & time in the control panel to match the Mountain Time Zone. Doing this and reentering the date has not fixed it...

      If anyone has any thoughts or experience with this issue, I would really appreciate it. I'm kinda stumped!