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    insert a text field and a button in the ToolBar




      I would like to add a text field and a button in the toolbar. These have to work together like the text field and the buttons "Find previous and Find next" in the search section of the toolbar button.


      I have inserted a button in the toolbar with an icon, but I didn't see any example to add both together, the button and the text field.

      Any suggestion?

      This button that I have just inserted, is positioned, in another toolbar below the default toolbar, and I have got a lot of space at the right side of the default toolbar. I can move it manually but I would like to do it programatically.

      I have tested with the nPos parameter, in the app.addToolButton method but the button is always positioned at the same place although I use nPos -1 to append to the toolbar

      Is there any another method to control the position of the added buttons in the toolbar?