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    After Effects CS4 update (9.0.2) fails to install -  how do I get it to work?


      (Mac OS X 10.6.2)  After 8 or 9 downloads using the auto updater with FAILED TO INSTALL as the result.

      Using the links provided by adobe staff on this discussion and the customer support help desk, I have downloaded the DMG app files, which have also failed to install. Now my AE 9 no longer loads and is unuseable.


      I have had the same issue with SoundBooth, however it still works, as do Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge,Flash and Dreamweaver.


      I read the threads where the browsers fouled the install, and tried that, and have gone to the clean scripts page to download the script to clean all Adobe CS3 and CS4 off my computer, but no DMG file or download prompt showed up.


      I have had to uninstall CS4 previously, and the reinstall fixed everything, but I first ran the clean scripts. Is there a new link now with the release of CS5?

      Can you please provide these links for me (thank you!).


      How should I proceed to get the newly updated version to install, and get After Effects functioning again?


      I appreciate you r support and help,


      Thank you.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I'm afraid you will have to wipe everything clean and reinstall from scratch. That, by all means includes all otehr Adobe apps and the removal of the caps.db (info on its location here) and possibly manual removal of otehr components (fonts, stray directories...). In short: the installer database is locked and so no updates can happen. This can be due to not obeying install order or having had a Beta version of a program on the system, e.g. from Adobe Labs or an update in anotehr Adobe app having gone completely wrong. It's unfortunate and aggravating, no doubt, but there is no otehr way to resolve this in a clean fashion.



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            davidsmouha Level 1

            Hi Mylenum,


            Thank you for your quick response.

            I was expecting your direction to uninstall /reinstall after reading the earlier posts and your responses to them.


            The links you provided for one of the posts I read for the clean script did not cause the cleanscript.dmg to download.

            It would be great if you could post the links that should enable me to download these files for Mac OSX 10.6.5.


            Again, I appreciate your time and knowledge.