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    Debugging/Breakpoints in Flashbuilder 4




      There seems to be a bug in Flashbuilder 4 whereby it doesn't recognise changes/additions made to AS code. This means that firstly it completely ignores new code and secondly that I cannot set breakpoints properly. For example it allows me to set breakpoints on comments or where there is no code and won't let me set them where there is clearly code.


      The only solution I have found was to create a completely new class and copy and paste in the code, then all is well. FB recognises all the code and allows me to put breakpoints where I want them. But this is not a fast or ideal way of working.


      I have tried 'Clean' and restarting FB, both to no avail.


      Any solutions would be greatfully received.



      Many thanks,





      PS This only started happening after purchasing the Standard version of the product - previously using the Premium trial version.