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    CSS 4 Dreamweaver completely useless on both Macs


      I don't know whether my problem is tied to the new Java 6 upgrade Apple forced down our throats a day or two ago...May 18 or 19 2010..but since yesterday I had to totally shutdown a project I had been working on in Dreamweaver CSS 3 on my iMac. I could no longer save common html files without the spinning beachball that went on forever. I had to forcequit multiple times.


      I tried delete cache several times.  Still any change made in the source code of a file or in the linked style sheet set Dreamweaver into a hang mode.


      I had no extensions installed by the way.


      So I switched over to a brand new MacPro with 2 4-core 2.26 ghz processors and 12 GB memory. I fired up my fresh install of the Adobe Developer Suite with Dreamweaver CSS 4. I have all the relevant upgrades from Adobe to the minute.  Operating system the latest version of Snow Leopard.


      Dreamweaver CSS 4 is virtually the same. The spinning beachball starts running as soon as I make the simplest change.  I even made a new website definition with only ONE html file and 2 stylesheets and six images. That is the whole Site in the folder. I even updated the site cache just because.


      I have read messages about the Apple Java update creating some problems with networking and such but nothing about interfering with Dreamweaver.


      As you KNOW, Dreamweaver has been reported as far back as Dreamweaver 8 as running slowly with Mac. 


      I have read the files here about troubleshooting Dreamweaver and they are the same files that were published a few years ago.


      How about some real support in your labs to find out what you can do to make DREAMWEAVER work like a dream with Mac Apple software?


      I have now had to pay for and download a separate CSS editor just to work on my site when I have two installations of Dreamweaver and CSS 4 has never even been used on this machine.


      I am sure as heck not going to upgrade to CSS 5 when it seems CSS 4 should have been working right out of the box on a high performance Mac.