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    Importing/capturing to PP from a DVR


      Importing/capturing from a DVR


      I am trying to solve some issues for a client who is learning how to take clips of sporting events recorded on a DVR, adding graphics and visual/voice annotation to them, and publishing them on YouTube.


      The DVR is from DirectTV, model HR22-100, which my brief research indicates is quite popular. I don’t know much about it, but it seems to record using an MP4 codec. These games are recorded in full resolution HD. The client is using a MacBook. He bought a dongle-type gadget called El Gato, and he has been able to move clips from the DVR onto the Mac this way, apparently in some proprietary format, and then the software that comes with this Gato converts them to QTs.


      The problem is that the results are in a 4:3 ratio, and the players are squeezed (toothpicks). Since he is using AE for the visual effects (he has both AE and PP, CS4, installed), we’ve tried various interpret footage settings to get a wider picture, but to no avail. We’ve also tried the various settings on the Gato software, also no luck.


      The goal would be to have a frame with standard-def resolution, but at a 16:9 ratio; he doesn’t have enough bitrate power on the Mac right now for HD resolution, and that would only increase bandwidth requirements all around.


      The idea workflow would be to bring the raw clips into PP, trim them, then move to AE for the effects, and back to PP to lay in narration, a music bed and wild crowd audio, and finally recompress back to MP4 or what’s best for YT.


      Has anyone here captured directly into PP from this DVR box? Outputs include composite, component, S-video and HDMI, but no firewire. Of course on the MacBook, the only way in is through the firewire.


      One route might be through a component or HDMI to firewire converter. Can anyone recommend a decent but not too expensive converter? Device control is not important, the playback could be started manually from the DVR, the clips trimmed after.


      TIA for any advice and suggestions on this.