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    Stratus, broadcast ByteArray (NetStream.send)

    jazz_matazz Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I use Stratus to test bynary data broadcast ( NetStream.send(ByteArray) ) to multiple peers (1 x n).

      It works well, but I was asking about the performance of network transit:

      My program sends every second about between 50 and 100 binary packets of 400 at 800 bytes on average.

      Should I rather agglomerate packets bigger packets to have a lower frequency of 'NetStream.send'?

      Or rather prefer a rapid and repeated sends small packets?


      I imagine that a header is added to each packet sent: too many data packets means more data sent? Or worse performance of transmission (and reception)?

      And send big packets (2000 bytes?) it may add a risk of loss of data? Or "truncate" the packet data? Or worse send performance?


      good day,