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    Strange black flash of light when i run my flash in firefox

    Chorale0001 Level 1

      Hello all


      This is a probleme i've also posted on the dreamweaver forum however for the sake of security and since it involve a flash, i'm also posting here to get a maximum of information.


      Here is a copy of my dreamweaver post:


      function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

      This is somewhat an urgent matter, the website just got published and this bug appear. Open FIREFOX and go to my webpage at www.episodesoft.com and just move the cursor in and out of the button menu. do it a couple of time.


      You should get a full screen black flash of light each time.. Anyone know why ?


      The transparency of the flash ( menu) is correct for both firefox and IE.. i don't understand.


      The website work perfectly with IE, and Chrome. It is only a FF problems


      Please feel free to look at the source.


      I'll keep looking for the problems


      + other kind of information i have


      function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

      I checked it is firefox 3.6.3


      Flash cs4 As2, SWF version :




      I've done some test and narrowed the probleme to 2 only possibility ( and keep in mind that everything work fine in IE and Chrome ):


      1- Something in the flash itself make that black flash of light each time you start again from the begining the flash ( it load only once and never unload )


      2- Something happen between the moment i call the showhide command in java and the moment when the flash itself appear. I tested the java command by replacing the flash with a regular image and it work just fine. It really do it only when the flash is enabled....


      Here is a link to download the FLA .


      I have checked my backup files and it seem to be a persistent probleme....

      Any idéa ? i simply cannot understand what exactly is the probleme, much less how to fix it for now