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    Issue when using 'Design View'




      I have a little problem on my project when i use the design view.

      My project compile and run without problems, but if i try in FB to see a component in "Design view" i have compiler errors
      (If i quit the 'Design view' to 'Source view' and do a "Clean", errors disapears and i can compile and run my project without problems)


      Errors in Design view are : "Unable to resolve resource bundle "xxx" for locale "xx_XX".

      Maybe the compiler for Design view doesn't take parameters given in "Project configuration" ?


      Here is my additionnal parameters to the compiler :

      -locale en_US fr_FR -source-path=../lib/afw/src/locales/globals/{locale} -source-path=../lib/afw/src/locales/quizzes/{locale}  -source-path=locales/{locale} -allow-source-path-overlap=true


      There is an hack or a fix for this issue ?