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    FTP Link

    Ralph Thompson

      I want to simpify life for my clients, some of whom are not particularly computer savvy. Presently they download files through FilleZilla but often get very confused with FTP etc. How can I add a link on my main Flash website so that clients simply click the link (e.g. Customer Downloads). They then type in their Username & Password and can access their client area (a subfolder on my main website server). Basically I need FTP access through my website.


      Could you assist with the code that i need to add to my Flash site please.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          your customers can't click a link while in their browser and have their browser become an ftp client.


          but you could build an ftp client using flash.  they could click a button in flash and while still in flash be presented with an ftp client interface.

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            Ralph Thompson Level 1



            I built my own Flash site but am not a flash wizard. I hoped I could programme the link and cut & paste the code. How can I get an example or instruction on building an ftp client using flash. This seems like the right solution, many thanks

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              you could use google to search for a tutorial but i've not seen this done before.  there's nothing too difficult about it but i would think it would be beyond an intermediate level actionscript app.