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    Using MultiLevel Lists with indented paragraph styles

    Dave McGovern Level 1

      Hello -

      I have recently upgraded to RHv8 (TCS2), and I have a question about (surprise) MultiLevel Lists. I've read a lot of posts in this forum which helped me along the way, and I have my MLL working fine for my "Normal" paragraph style which is defined with zero left indenting.


      My issue is that I want to use another MLL to be used underneath an indented paragraph style.  This works fine for Level 1 of the list, but as soon as I try to insert a Level 2, RH appears to be adding a style="margin-left" attribute to the indented paragraph which overrides the List formatting (see bold below).


      <?rh-list_start class="MultiLevelBullet_Indent" ?><p class="fielddesc">item
      1</p><?rh-list_end ?>
      <?rh-list_start class="MultiLevelBullet_Indent" ?><p class="fielddesc">item
      2</p><?rh-list_end ?>
      <?rh-list_start class="MultiLevelBullet_Indent" level="2" ?><p class="fielddesc" style="margin-left: 40px;">item 2.1</p><?rh-list_end ?>


      The net result is that my level 2 item is "outdented" so the list looks like this:


                 preceding indented paragraph......

        • item 1
        • item 2
      • item 2.1


      I've tried creating a different paragraph style to associate with Level 2 which uses a larger indent to attempt to counteract this, but that provided no relief.