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    Nested Templates

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      I have created a template on the left is a menu, I have 3 regions, Heading, Body and Right Menu.


      So I am trying to make nested templates out of my main template. I want to make the right menu region and locked. Right now when I create a new page from the nested template the right menu is editable and then if I update the nested page itself, the pages I made from the template don't udpdate. Which I understand is because my menu is an editable region.


      So how to I make my right menu noneditable and have it update on the pages that I use the nested template in?





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          I can't tell what the problem is, but I do have a suggestion that might help.

          I used to like to use nested templates but have found that I never need them anymore. Anything I want to do with a nesteed template can be more easily done with a single template with Optional Regions.


          If it worrks for you, you can make several right column menus and only have one as the default.


          Switch which one is showing, depending on the page youare making. For a lot of pages in the same website section, making one and then using Save As... to make other pages in the same section will also keep all your template Properties intact so you don't have to re-set them each time you create a new page in the same site secttion.


          You can also have other optional regions (or optional editable regions) that show based on whether or not you are showing another particular optinal region. this way you can set a whole bunch of regions based on only setting one master region to show in the template properties.


          Extra Info you probably don't really want:


          A bit complicated but it works for me, I found that you can use php like  code in the templates so that regions show if this region Or that region shows, or if this region AND that region shows:


          <!-- TemplateBeginIf cond="_document['3Columns'] || _document['2Columns']" -->

          This sentance will show if either 3Columns OR 2Columns is set to show. the two pipes || means "or"
          <!-- TemplateEndIf -->



          <!-- TemplateBeginIf cond="_document['3Columns'] &&  _document['CenterNav']" -->

          This sentance will show if both "3Columns" AND "CenterNav" is set to show. the two apersands && mean "and"

          <!-- TemplateEndIf -->