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    Collect all files

    Jeff S GP2 Level 1



      I have a large project, broken up into about 120 smaller AE project files, (including iterations) all referencing the same images/footage sources.


      I need to move all of this information to another path location.

      The “Collect Files” is used on the current project that is opened.  Is there a way to move all of my AE projects at once?





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Import the projects into one new empty project, then use the Consolidate and Remove Unused Footage functions before collecting. Collect all footage, then manually include al lprojects. You will get missing footage warnings, but after finding the first asset, AE will gladly report it has found al lotehrs. And fpr future reference work with a proper folder structure to begin with - AE only stores relative paths as deep as realyl necessary, so working inside dedicated folders allow to move everything without even having to collect.



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            Jeff S GP2 Level 1


            Thanks for the speedy reply, Mylenium


            Unfortunately, my projects are quite heavy. About 60-120 mb each. (not sure why) I could perhaps import a few into one larger project, but I’ll no doubt have to  do this many, many times…. A major pain.



            My intention is merely to duplicate the entire project,  and repath to a new location. (which i'll overwrite)  This means I'll need to keep the original, plus create a second copy.


            Mylenium, You mentioned the importance to working with a proper folder structure from the beginning, in that there would be no need to collect files if set up properly.

            Can you explain this further? (give a brief folder structure example, if possible)



            I was under the impression that moving any file out of its initial folder would show up as missing.  How can this be avoided?”





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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Simply obey a strict relative folder mapping:



              - "project_00.aep"

              - "project_01.aep"


              - "project_xx.aep"

              ------ images

              ------ movies

              ------ other


              Then you can move "main" at any time without worrying were your assets are. Just don't use any assets outside this structure, copy/ move them to the proper folders first. If you still need to, then work with aliases, links and symbolic links to those external folders placed inside the project hierarchy for quick access of e.g. footage stored on na external RAID.



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                yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

                As Mylenium said, AE will automatically find all the assets that are located in every subfolder you have from the project main folder. So if you move the entire project folder, AE will never miss any assets.

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                  Jeff S GP2 Level 1




                  hmmm.. interesting


                  If this is the case, I should be able to copy my initial projects numerous times.


                  ...I'll have to test this out.


                  Thanks for the help!