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    CFContent fails with output from CFPDF???

      I had a situation where I had to create a PDF containing a dynamic cover sheet and supporting documents, which are in pdf format. I used CFDocument to create the cover sheet, stored it in a variable, then used cfpdf with cfpdfparam to specify that cover sheet variable, then looped over the files. CFDump says that worked correctly.

      I then tried using cfcontent to display the resulting file. I would have expected that to work. Intead it throws this:

      Attribute validation error for tag cfcontent.

      coldfusion.pdf.PDFDocWrapper is not a supported variable type. The variable is expected to contain binary data.

      The error occurred in E:\WebRoot\www.missionincrease.com\wwwroot\active\Admin\MinistryGrants\fundingRequest.cfm : line 99

      97 :
      98 : <cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value='inline; filename=#URLEncodedFormat("FundingRequest.pdf")#'>
      99 : <cfcontent reset="yes" variable="#pdfOut#" type="application/pdf">
      100 : </cfif>

      Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?