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    Different LMS, different domain can presenter be configured?

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      I am new to Presenter but have some experience with Adobe Captivate and Articulate Presenter.


      I work in what can be called a "cross-domain" environment. The content I am accessing on our LMS is located on a different domain.


      Out-of-the-box, none of these products will properly communicate with an LMS in this type environment. To work around the issue I use JavaScript  (as opposed to a proxy server) to resolve the issue


      With Captivate and Articulate this is relatively simple, I embed this JavaScript:

      <script language="javascript">
        if(document.domain != "undefined" && document.domain != "")
            document.domain = document.domain.substring(document.domain.indexOf('.')+1);


      near the top of each HTML page fired.


      This does not appear to work with Adobe Presenter generated files.


      Can anyone point me to any solutions?


      Thank you for any pointers.