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    Import Password required????

    jacknewton Level 1



      I am pretty green to Flash, so bare with me.


      I purchased a flash (.fla) document from istockphoto, and wishes to place it inside a flash project.


      So basically, I saved as a swf, and tried to import into my library, but was asked for a pw (import password required).


      What is this? Is this a safety device from istockphoto in order to avoid such use? I paid for the file.


      Or is this a Flash requirement that I do not know?


      What can I do?



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          selangov Level 1



          Please follow the below steps to avoid the import password required pop up


          1. Save the .fla file which you bought from istockphoto

          2. Open the .fla file in Flash CS5 IDE

          3. Open File menu

          4. Click on Publish Settings

          5. Under Pulich Settings panel, Click on Flash tab

          6. In Flash tab, You will find "Trace and debug"

          7. Under "Trace and debug", you will find a check box for "Protect from import"

          8. If it is checked, uncheck the "Protect from import" check box

          9. Publish the .fla file

          10. Now you can import the .swf into other file.

          11. Now "Import password required" check box won't appear