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    defining a video element

      How can I define a video element that includes only a part of the video?  When playing, the player should seek to a specified time t1 and then play for the specified duration.

      I'm trying to implement SMIL syntax as  follows:


      How can I create a video element that will seek to 20 sec and play for 10  seconds?


      I read about the current version of OSMF having limited SMIL implementation in the form of a plugin. Are there any examples / documentation on it?




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          Hi DillipShah,


          I couldn't find a SMIL sample in the repository, but your example looks like it has an error.  Sub clips use there two attributes clipBegin and clipEnd.  They also don't have the 's' at the end, all values are assumed to be seconds.  The other issue is the video url is relative, which means it may not work if your clips isn't stored in the same directory as your player.  I'm also not sure if regions are supported yet.


          The SMIL plugin can be loaded using the MediaFactory, for an example on how to use a plugin, see the MASTSample in the trunk/apps/plugins folder of the source tree.  Optionally, if you don't need SMIL, you can create a subclip by specifying start and end times to the StreamingURLResource's constructor.

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            The AkamaiPluginSample is the SMIL plugin sample


            And yes, the SMIL plugin does support sub-clips.


            - charles

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              DilipShah Level 1

              Ryan and Charles, appreciate your response!