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    Windows 7 Help please!


      Ok, please stick with me as i try to explain this. I buy ebooks from Waterstones but cant seem to download them on to my computer which is Windows 7. I installed Adobe Digital Editions, and on the Waterstones site after i click "download" it brings the box up with "open, save, cancel" I choose open and it brings a bigger box up with files of where to download the books to but ADE isnt there and when i choose "browse" i find ADE but when i click on it to open and download to, nothing happens. Now when i used my dads old XP computer and click "download" i then click on "open" and it just goes straight to ADE and downloads straight away. And it was all so simple. So i want to know if there is a way to make it that easy on my computer! I'd be grateful for any help. Thank you so much.