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    No control with Audio Mixer - HELP!

    drkenrich1688 Level 1

      I'm a novice and only do famly movies. I have CS3 and am using Premier Pro to do a neices 6th grade graduation.


      I've done all the splicing, transitions, titles, etc. and have a final step to add background overlay music to tie it together. I follow the instructions to use the Audio Mixer, add a second sound track from an .mp3 file and try to edit volume in that single track. It won't work. I can change both tracks 1 and 2 volume while listening but it won't save those changes. The saved change is full volume in both tracks.


      The instructions talk about using key points. I can go into the tracks and place key points, but none are set automatically as described. When I set then, I can't edit them. I can't even take a section between key points and set any parameters.


      I've researched the forum and support sections here and haven't found any help.


      Either my CS3 version or the Audio Mixer part isn't working or somewhere I've turned something off and don't know how to get it on.


      Please help.