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    New Bookmarks from Structure


      Hi all,


      I'm working on an Acrobat (9.x for Windows) Batch Process that includes some JavaScript. I've been through as much documentation as I can find and can't seem to find how to get to the function "New Bookmarks from Structure". Either I'm missing it or maybe it's just not available. Since I've got to keep moving, I thought I'd ask you all to see if there's a solution...


      The files are coming from InDesign (CS4 for Windows), exported as PDFs with Paragraph Styles that are being used to make the bookmarks. The function works if I go to the bookmarks panel and selection the function, but I can't find how to automate it.


      Thanks in advance...


      LaMonte Forthun


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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Either I'm missing it or maybe it's just not available.

          It isn't available in Acrobat Javascript.

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            lamontef Level 1

            Thank you Bernd...


            Now then, I need to come up with  an alternative option if this can't be scripted, so I'm hoping someone  might have a suggestion or two on how to get there. I see two options:  1). Figuring out how to manually find the paragraph styles that this  function would find to build the bookmarks (this would most likely be  the best option if possible) or; 2). Use the SDK as there are most  likely more functions available (since this is the scripting forum, I  won't ask specifics though). I'm just wondering if anyone has any  thoughts as to the best way to proceed. I've been through a lot of the  SDK, but since it's not my first choice of how to proceed, I haven't  spent a lot of time with it, I want to exhaust my options with scripting  first...


            Thanks much,