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    Can't change default video transition duration in PRE7 project

    LaciG Level 1

      I couldn't find the solution  for the following problem. In one of my Premiere Elements 7 projects, suddenly the video transition default duration changed from 30 frames to 3 frames. After inserting this 3 frames long transition, I can adjust it (expanding or shrinking) in the timeline, change the duration via the "Edit Transition" dialog box, however there is no way I can change the default duration. I can change the duration value in the Edit > Preferences > General dialog box but it has no effect on the actual duration. This is true for all transitions. On the other hand, the other projects (I checked a few), also  a new project work properly: In them, the default duration is 30 frames, and I can set it in the Properties dialog box to any other value. So, this problem appears to be project specific. I hope somebody can help me, so I do not have to redo this particular project. Thanks in advance, Laci.