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    Downfalls : No Numeric Stepper, nor Accordion

    Yozef0 Level 1

      We are creating an full app in Flash Builder 4 and Catalyst (Illustrator / Photoshop).


      The things that really need to be solved. There is no Numeric Stepper component... and I wonder how I;m going to use the one in the Builder and skin it to our psd... defies the point of catalyst.


      Another is creating an accordion panel that we can skin in Catalyst.


      Alsom how to skin a piechart? Looks wonderful in Photoshop... but it stops there.


      Anyone got suggestions we're not discovering?

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          If you do want to make an accordian interface, your going to have to do it manually... and by that I mean make a state for each possible scenario. For example:


          If you have three panels that open and close, you will have to make a state for #1 open and the others closed, #2 open and the others closed, #3 open and the others closed, #1 and #2 open and #3 closed etc... So you are going to end up with a LOT of states, but this is the only way to do it in Catalyst.

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            Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

            As for the numeric stepper component, you should be able to create a custom component that you can use. If you deconstruct the NS, it is really just two buttons and text input. Once you have created these elements, and applied you styling/skinning, your Flex developer should be able take the output from Catalyst and apply it to the actual numeric stepper component.


            The Pie Chart (actually all for charting), is not supported in Flash Catalyst. Those components are based on the older component designs, and thus are not supported. Any styling will have to be done from within Flash Builder.

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            • 3. Catalyst is not bad!!
              Yozef0 Level 1

              So after a few days playing around with Catalyst, it's not bad actually, I'm starting off with a psd of the full site. Logically, I need to split some of the components into seperate components in Flex4, I'll update how it's going.


              The Numeric Stepper (I'm at a loss why not create it in Catalyst), I will try to skin in Flash CS5 and export it for Flex 4 usage.


              I am not sure how heavy it is to loosely create states in Catalyst / Flex 4 ... for the Accordion panel, I see 2 states for each accordion button (view).


              Is it heavy to process all these states? Transitions, I'm sure should be used conservatively.


              I am trying Optimizing Vector Graphics when I see the chance to do so... but I don't know what the difference between that, and Rasterize?


              I'm a developer.

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                Use a List component, then edit the repeated item. When the item is in a selected state, change its height to be the height you want. Leave the other states alone. You can even animate it using smooth transition. This means that the selected item will always be expanded.


                You can make the scroller disappear, if you know for a fact that all your items will fit within a given area.


                Hope this helps.