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    title background not editable


      I have successfully been using "New Title Based on Current Title Title but now that ediitng functionality has become glitched:

           1)   Old color field background cannot be removed. Title > Select [Delete} either removes existing titling or adds old titling back, but in no case permits the deletion of the existing background so it can be replaced.

           2)   Sometimes the new name given FOR the new title disappears and is replaced by the old title name and then any changes that have been made for the supposedly new title are put onto the old title, thus destroying the old title.

           3)   Even File > New > Title  no longer brings up a blank titler, but is similarly stuck with the last title completed and won't allow background changes.

           4)       Often "Select" in Title > Select is greyed out.


           This function is very important here so any help will be greatly appreciated.


      JT (4&E)


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          1. Change the order of the items in your title. Move the title (text) to the background and your colored background can be deleted.


          2. Before creating a new title, move the CTI over to another spot on the timeline, where you have no title, otherwise the new title will be difficult to read and edit.


          3. Again, change your CTI to another place.


          4. What do you mean?

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            4&E Level 1

            That was a huge help, Harm. Your answers to 1, 2 and 3 saved a title-heavy project, and many more to come. Without that being solved I was beginning to consider abandoning Premiere Pro for the competition.


            #4 - "Select" being grayed out - refers to almost everything in the Title drop-down menu sometimes being turned light gray and hence non-responsive to clicks. That still happens sometimes.