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    Problems appeared recently?

    dmeN Level 5

      Been running CS4 since it came out and recently have been having some problems which I've been unable to fix. Hoping someone knows something.


      Flash has been crashing a lot when opening files.


      When I publish a swf the background is white - no matter what the stage color is set to.


      Otherwise it's great.


      To try and fix, I've completely uninstalled the entire CS4 suite (master collection) and reinstalled. Defragged hard drive. Checked drive for errors. Uninstalled a bunch of apps I haven't touched for a while. Nothing seems to fix... and I'm on a corporate network with firewall and virus checking so it shouldn't be anything like that.


      I've just been saving a lot so if I crash I don't really lose anything but a few minutes of time and I can remedy the white background by putting in a colored rectangle... but WTF? I thought for sure reinstalling would fix.


      Running on Win XP and I'm thinking of reinstalling that, since that's about my last option. Just hoping someone has seen this.