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    Dynamic Text Area w/ Variable Length? Help!


      I have text from an XML file that dynamically loads into a scrollpane.


      The text appears in the scroll pane, and scrolls just fine --- but it doesn't show the full length of the dynamic XML text.


      How can I make the length of a dynamic text area VARIABLE --- so that it expands to fill the length of the XML document?





      PS - You can see what I'm talking about when you click on ABOUT KIM here:



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          Rothrock Level 5

          Actually I can't see what your talking about. But I think I know....


          I see two special characters the ellipsis (...) and a u with umlaut. (I also see one spot where you should be using a em-dash, but aren't...) Those are from beyond the basic ASCII range and I've found that with certain fonts Flash sometimes miscalculates the width the line length and doesn't wrap the text properl. I really haven't found a solution other than to not use those types of charcters. Try taking them out of your xml and see if that fixes the problem.


          BTW, just a suggestion, one thing I can see is that you have a little bit of transparency on the photos of Kim and that the KY show through a bit. And that it really seems to be messing up her face. And the face isn't generally a good thing to mes with. So I would suggest rethinking that bit of the design. Or not...your choice.


          The site looks good, so I hope you don't mind my suggestions.