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    resize javascript debugger window in acrobat


      I feel stupid.  I am trying to learn adobe javascripting.  I am following Adobe's web tutorial.(The tutorial screen shots have nice big windows.)  However the console window only shows 40 characters to a line.  On this debug window, there is no resize icon in the upper right hand corner of the window.  I tried to right click and drag sides, corners, top, and bottom, but no luck. I get a double-ended arrow like it should resize, but the window  The acrobat pro window is full-size, but the debug window is only 1/6th of that window.


      I am using a laptop with Vista Home Premium with Adobe Acrobat 9 with its latest updates.


      I took a look at the general support group, but just questions about using Adobe Acrobat.  I went back two months on the scripting group with no luck.


      Thank you