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    Media-Intensive Application - Silverlight / Flash comparison


      I have a media-intensive site that has an application where multiple images and videos will be shown at the same time as a page in a book. The pages can be turned within the application. It is currently written in Silverlight.


      I've tried to optimize the memory usage as much as I can (cleaning up images/video when pages turn, etc.) but it looks like they are still being held in memory.


      Check it out at http://zleek.com.

      Here's a link to a specific book with many pages: http://zleek.com/scommisso/second-honeymoon


      As you turn through the pages, the memory used by the browser continues to grow and doesn't show any real signs of going down.


      I'm just curious if anyone has a similar scenario that has been created in Flash/Flex and how the memory management works? Do you have the same issues?



      Steve Commisso