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    Simple Module Question - thing doesn't redraw?


      Pretty simple implementation that I cannot get to work?  I define the module in state2 shown below. I have a button in state3 that goes back to state1. On this button I change the url through click="myMod='modules/testMod.swf?'+Math.random(); currentState='';" From state1 (Base State), a button to go to state2. Then on state2, I have a button that switches states to state2. click="currentState='showMod';"  The module UI displays the first time, but once I leave that state it's gone and never comes back? I thought that all I had to do was change the url and bingo the ModuleLoader re-fires, if someone can lend me some advice I would be appreciative. I have verified that the url does change through the random function.


                          <mx:ModuleLoader x="0" y="50" id="mod"