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    Text comes through underlined.

    tkarlmann Level 1

      Quite often when I save text from sites, the text comes through underlined, and I cannot get rid of the undeline.  I took a look at the code

      in DW, and I still cannot find what is causing the underline.


      This is the site:  http://partition.radified.com/partitioning_4.htm  that presently shows this.  Note that previous pages of the site came through fine, no underline.  This page comes through with all text underlined and gray both in Word and in DW.


      How can I get rid of this?  Word cannot tell this, and I cannot find the causal code bit in DW either.


      Please help.  Please note, I am not an expert with DW, probably still a beginner.

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          jxlusa Level 2

          You mean the links in the original text get underlined? or does it happen to all the text?

          If it is just the linked text, it's because links are underlined by default in HTML for most browsers (and in dreamweaver.)



          Either way, this can usually be solved by copying from the website, pasting into a plain text editor such as Notepad. then re-copying the text from there and pasting in to Dreamweaver.


          When you copy from a website, you are copying the text Plus it's formatting. You are not, however, copying the css rules that affect the appearence of that formatting. Often this will give unexpected results. Also, it will often give you poorly constructed code since many people do not care to make cleanly coded websites.

          EDIT, sorry, I see you did say it was all the text. Try the above. I can't duplicate your problem from the link given.

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            tkarlmann Level 1

            I tried the same source again with the same results.


            However, I think the Notebook idea is better than what I was doing, and adding formatting back in is easier than taking it out.


            Still puzzles me as to why Word can't color text backgrounds -- and there is NO command for coloring text backgrounds in Word (other than the Highlighter) -- an amazing shortcoming!  Also, Word STILL cannot process HTML very well.

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              jxlusa Level 2

              Word will never be able to process HTML well. It's not in the plan, and it's made by the same company that brought us Internet Explorer.

              You can, however, add a background color in Word (just don't try to make web pages this way) by putting the text in a table and giving the table a background color.

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