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    dreamweaver cs5 MAJOR flaw


      Dreamweaver cs5 has a major flaw


      When 'related files' is turned on (a feature we are paying for!) and a webpage has code similar to the following in the header


      <script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script>


      At first launch after quitting, it takes dreamweaver between 1 and 2 minutes or more to open one web page.


      This is EXTREMELY annoying and unacceptable for software which costs so much money.

      Many designers use jquery now and may of us link directly to the latest file or jquery library.


      What's the point in having a related files facility if we have to turn it off in order to use Dreamweaver with jquery or any other external files!!!!!?



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          ukdesign1 Level 1

          an update o this major flaw....comes another one during rigorous testing...




          Dreamweaver CS5 is totted for being excellent to develop Wordpress sites, but you open a wordpress site in live view....the related files are all wrong. It tries to select them from the wrong local folder, so it renders the facility useless.


          Take for example you are working on site 1 in your site definitions and you also have site 2 in your list


          Go to live view www.domain.com/blog for site 1 and live view that page

          It shows the related files, but some are wronga nd don't even apply to that site, for other it tries to say all the related css files etc are all in the folder on your hard drive for site 2 in the site definitions!!


          This is extremely annoying because when you try to edit the css file so you can view the cange in live view "file doesn't exist"... well no, because its looking in the wrong place.



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            ukdesign1 Level 1

            it appears that if you clear your preferences the jquery flaw, hanginging on opening is cured


            however the most annoying flaw, the related files remains and until this is fixed, dreamweaver cs5 cannot be used to create wordpress sites etc

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              Ken Ford - Fordwebs, LLC Level 2

              If you download a copy of the JQuery file and put it in the local site that should stop that issue.


              What operating system are you using?


              Where are your local files kept (what folders)?


              Ken Ford

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                ukdesign1 Level 1

                Hi I can't change the jquery link in the top of every site we have done, we use the link so it keeps up to date


                OS X 10.6 latest


                Documents folder and sub folder work/clients


                CS3 worked fine, the folders are specified in site definitions, thats where dreamweaver should look, not start looking in another sites folder!


                The issue with live site taking nearly 2 minutes to preview was solved by deleting prefs, but its back now


                I can't use live site anyway, as all the related files say the file isn't available, well thats because its looking in the wrong folder.

                I tried deleting all the sites and just having 1 in the site defs, and what does it do.... it then says some of the css etc is in 'unnamed site:1'... which of course, doesnt even exist.


                It looks everywhere but in its own folder

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                  Ken Ford - Fordwebs, LLC Level 2

                  Can't help with the site definition I don't use a Mac.


                  As for the JQuery file, that will not keep it updated, it will only download that version of the JQuery file.


                  Ken Ford

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                    ukdesign1 Level 1

                    yeh someone else made a comment about the jquery file, I'll look into downloading that. We hadn't really realised that we were linking to a version number. We'd be better hosting on our main server and linking all our accounts to it. Or as you say, placing it locally in the site folder.

                    Appreciate your suggestion